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Corten Water Fall, Hand Stacked Wall and Antique Gates

This project was the result of the client calling us about a leaking waterfall connected to their pool. We decided that it was not feasible to repair/save the existing feature from either a functional or aesthetic perspective. Our challenge was to develop a solution that would work within the same foot print of the prior feature and incorporate the first waterfall stone that acts as part of the pool coping. For reference we have included before and after images. The project includes the hand stacked stone wall, antique gate, planters, planters, lighting etc. The flagstone patio was existing.

_V9O8461 GD TW
_V9O8443 GD TW
_V9O8492 GD TW
V9O85502 GD TW
_V9O8508 GD TW
_V9O8506 GD TW crop only
_V9O8485_86_87_88_89_90_tonemapped GD TW
_V9O8439 GD TW