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Wall of Water

Set adjacent to the master bedroom and courtyard, this water feature includes distinctly different interpretations and methods to highlight movement of water. Both waterfalls work together to create an acoustically balanced sound of low and mid range pitches of falling water.

The main water flow comes from an organic form of cascading water that crashes over large ledge stone and falls into the pond below.

In contrast, a separate waterfall treats the water more architecturally, while still maintaining a very natural essence. The water in this portion of the feature creates a veil over the stone in a very clean arc.
Another unique design element is the internal biological filter. A series of pumps draws water through layers of gravel placed in the bottom of the feature, acting as a filtering mechanism for the system. By using this type of filtration, the need for bulky and unsightly external filters was eliminated.

Wall of Water 1
Wall of Water 2
Wall of Water 3