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Meditative Water Garden

14 Jan 2013 / 0 Comments / in

The client’s request was to create a space that would inspire while working in the adjacent art studio, provide a tranquil haven from everyday life and accentuate the many unique views from within the home.

Tropical Lagoon – Delhi

14 Jan 2013 / in

One of our collaborative international projects

Asian Influenced Garden

14 Jan 2013 / in

This garden was designed with the clients’ desire to re-create at home their experience of touring gardens in Japan and other parts of Asia…

Meditative Garden

14 Jan 2013 / in

The design intent of this garden was to combine the client’s unique philosophies with spiritual elements and naturalistic themes.

Fire and Water – Modern Garden

14 Jan 2013 / in

This modern garden fuses three strong elements – Water, Fire and Stone. Central to this garden is the fire and water feature emanating from a large basalt stone that has been cut, hallowed and polished.

Fusion Style Garden

14 Jan 2013 / 0 Comments / in

At the heart of this unique home is an intimate central courtyard garden with subtle Asian influenced design details and contemporary styling.

Intimate Courtyard Pond

03 Jan 2013 / in

This small space was once the main parking area for this cottage lakeside home and was radically transformed into an intimate and inviting courtyard.

Fire Features – VIDEOS

01 Jan 2013 / in

These are videos of some of the fire features AguaFina has installed, another of our unique specialties. Many of these features combine the use of water and fire together along with stone and metal.

Asian Inspired Rock Garden

01 Jan 2013 / in

Crossing the threshold of this garden, the experience of an Asian inspired garden begins…